Deck Staining

Just like a house, your deck needs to be well prepped before staining. A good prep job will allow the stain to soak fully into the wood and enable it to protect your deck from the snowy Syracuse winters!


The first thing we will do to prep your deck is to give it a thourough pressure wash. This will remove any mildew, algae, and any other dirt or grime that has built up on the deck over the years. By removing these unsightful particles from your deck, we are also opening up the wood's pores to allow more stain to soak in. If there is any loose stain or paint remaining on the deck after the pressure wash, we will next scrape and sand that off. Finally, we will sand any rough or splintering areas of the deck to ensure that it is safe and comfortable to walk on. Your deck will now be ready to stain!


See below for a picture description of our process.


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